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Current research projects
Project leader Project title
Fent PRODOC: Cyanobacterial toxins: characterization and toxicity to aquatic organisms
Pernthaler Scent of danger: Kairomone-mediated aggregate formation of a freshwater bacterium in response to protistan predation
Limnobotics: Understanding blooms of toxic freshwater cyanobacteria using an autonomous sampling platform and molecular strain typing
FREDI: Functional Role and Ecotype DIvergence in freshwater ultramicrobacteria (09-EuroEEFG-FP013)
Shabarova Microbes in oxygenated subsurface water pools: A model field system for exploring the effects of habitat stability on microbial assemblages
Completed research projects
Project leader Project title
Pernthaler Induction of cell filamentation in freshwater bacteria as a defense mechanism against bacterivorous protists, and characterization of potential signaling compounds
Community Dynamics and Phenotypic Changes of Limnic Bacteria during Experimental manipulation of bottom-up and top-down factors (COMPLEX)
Posch Impact of algal composition, protistan grazing and limiting nutrients on the seasonal succession, biomass distribution and grazing defense mechanisms of bacterial populations in a lake.
Competition as driving force for bacterioplankton dynamics in Lake Zürich
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